christmas present

sorry for my lack of creativity on here recently...i have had NO time to get to my stamp dungeon and create anything. well, actually, i did finish my advent calendar and think that it was just about the biggest waste of time...the tins fall off, the lids of the tins fall off...the paper is not sticking to the canvas...i just spent way too much time on it for it to be falling apart...so, that's a little frustrating!! i did have a christmas party yesterday and we had to bring a $10 gift for a woman or a man, so i put this little goodie basket together. it's just a candle and some 3 x 3 cards in a ceramic reindeer bowl...the bowl, is super cute and from wal-mart! the party was fun, and it's always good to see that side of the family (we only see them about 2 times a year!) caedmon had an extreme toddler meltdown near the end though. picture this, it was a 3 year old, with no nap, and hyped up on sugar...not a good combo. so, he threw a fit all the way home, and we quickly put him to bed at 5:30...he slept till 7:00 this morning! i guess he was tired?? he likes to call us "stupid" when he's angry at us...every time he says that, we put a little dot of soap on his tongue...i can't handle the name calling...that irritates me! i wish i could video tape his ridiculous tyrants, so he can watch them later and realize what a fool he looks like! he just doesn't understand that it's not the end of the world, over the smallest things!!
anyways, we are headed over to his best friends house, caden, today...so they can get some much needed friend time in. i have a christmas card making get together tonight, at my house, so hopefully i can get some creative things done!
have a great day :)
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