a complete layout

so, here is the other page that completes this layout...i LOVE that picture of caedmon holding my belly...(yes, my belly looks like a gigantic boob...but it's still sweet). the greenish paper is from the same paper pack, that i so endlessly raved on yesterday...i LOVE it! anywho, enjoy the pages!
so, today is day #2 of the ice/sleet/snow storm that we are dealing with, and that has kept us in the house for the majority of the past 36 hours...our kids were getting cabin fever this morning, so we loaded them up and took them to grandma and grandpa's house...nothing like a little spoiling to cure the winter time blues, right? our kiddos (including me) have been in our jammies for 2 days straight...we don't leave the house, so no need to change clothes, right?? there's nothing more dirty feeling than going to bed in the same clothes that you woke up in. yum. speaking of jammies, my son has officially named himself the "jammie king"...the minute we walk in the door, he runs up to his room, takes his clothes off and puts on some jammies (we caught him in milo's pants last night...they looked like midget's capris on him...how he got his legs in the leg holes, is beside me...but just imagine...it was quite funny)...anyways, he puts his jammies on and then finds his king's crown and runs around singing "i'm the jammie king"...yes, it was cute the first 38 times, and now it's just annoying...the child changes his clothes more time than a woman does...that's pretty bad. and he loves to change his underwear too...so there is just 3 year old boy underwear (complete with spiderman, batman, superman and any other "strong" man plastered all over the boo-tay of them) strewn all over the house, and i'm not sure if it's clean or dirty, so i put it in the dirty clothes...and pretty soon, 42 pairs of underwear is down to 3 pairs, and i have to do laundry yet again, cause caedmon's undies are filling up the hamper. so, for whatever reason, he loves to be in his jammies and change them quite often, and he loves to think that he's a king. oh the stories i will have to tell his future wife one day...payback for what he's putting my through right now :) well, we've got to get some things done while the kids are away...we're trying to paint and pack and all of that fun stuff that comes with moving cross country...hallelujah it will all be done with in a month!! all right...peace out my friends!
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