mexican food & margaritas

well, last night, amidst the pouring down rain we were having, me and some of my best girlfriends decided to go out to my all time favorite authentic mexican restaurant. we ate lots and lots of yummy food and had some yummy drinks as well. it was seriously the most fun i've had in a long time! there was hardly anybody there, because of the weather, so we were able to be loud and silly and the waiters were having fun with us too. we got free cheese dip, fried ice cream, and of course the girls got a free shot for me. ya know, cause it's my going away party (even though i plan on eating at this restaurant at least 4 more times before we leave :) ) oh 'mi ranchito'...how i'll miss thee (sniff, sniff).

here's amy, marietta, moi & jami (allyson is on the other side of the camera)

okay, this is funny in so many ways (and probably only the girls who were there last night will think it's funny, cause you truly had to see it). all of the waiters started clapping and coming towards our table with a giant sombrero...of course i immediately stand up and take the giant hat, thinking it's for me...well, all of a sudden one of the waiters runs off and grabs another one, and brings it back for a lady at a table right next to us. apparently it was her birthday and they were coming to sing to her, but i clearly stole her thunder. oh well, i stood up there with the waiters and helped them sing to her...a song that was ridiculously long and in spanish, which i don't understand a word of...and the manager put his arm around me and we started swaying...i couldn't stop laughing...i mean, the waiters were so nice and funny...and instead of saying "umm, i'm sorry the song and hat are not for you" they played along with it and let me stand up there. they were probably thinking "poor girl...we're embarrassed for her, so we'll let her have the hat too".
and here is my face after the girls made me take my shot...okay, we clearly knew nothing about shots, cause we were just like "give us something yummy"...i don't know about you, but i've never had a yummy shot...anyways, the manager and bartender were back there making up a yummy concoction for me...and it indeed was...a schnapps mixture. it was YUM! but you still can't help making that face...ya know? thank goodness they didn't make me do a tequila shot...i would have passed out right then and there.
it was a lot of fun and i'm so thankful we got to go out...i love those girls!!! thanks girls :)
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