just some random thoughts

so i got to talking with some girlfriends tonight...about blogging and such...and something they made note of is how they don't like the blogging world and they don't want to get caught up in it because they think it can be an artificial world. now, i completely 100% understand that. some people have their blogs so that other people look at their blogs and think "man, i wish i was her"...we as woman are so friggin' competitive and judgemental about anything and everything, that why wouldn't blogging fall under that category too? and that just plain stinks. i never had any intention of starting this blog so that people would be jealous, or that people would think "she's a better mom/crafter/wife/whatever than me." because for real, why would you think that? i am so far from perfect (along with everybody else) and i just want to make sure everyone out there knows that. yah, i may not post all the horrible things that happen during my day, but believe me, they happen...daily...sometimes hourly. (i would seriously bore you with that!) now, i have to clarify that my friends were not saying that they felt like my blog was fake, but occasionally they visit other blogs and their minds just start reeling...and believe me, i've done the same thing. sometimes there are just some blogs that i can't even go on, cause i know where my brain is that day, and it just wouldn't be good for me. i would start thinking "man, she's so much better than me"...stop!! that is not what this is about...for me, this is about being able to 1) post my creativity...and not really for all of you, but mainly for me (and hopefully my kids will see it one day and think i'm cool :) ) & 2) to keep out of town family up to date with what's happening in the anderson fam. so, i beg of you...if you are blog surfing and you start admiring/become jealous/think the person's perfect...just seriously stop and click the X button and close the computer. the devil will use this tool as much as he can to get in our heads and have us start believing the lies. and if you are a blogger...just be real on your posts. i would much rather know that you had a bad day, just like i did that day...than get a "oh, life is great" post. ya know? i dunno, i am just so grateful that there is such a thing as a blog...especially now that we are moving cross country. it will be a tremendous blessing to my friends and family once we move. so, i'm done rambling, and i guess if you've read it this far...thanks for listening...long live real bloggers!